Saleen S281 SC

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I had been shopping for a S197-style Mustang GT since I saw the initial photos in 2004. In November 2006, I found this car on eBay. As luck would have it, a local Ford dealer was selling it. My wife and I visted the dealer to inspect the car and give it a test drive. All I could say was, "Wow!" The performance and handling of the Saleen was superior to any other Mustang I had test driven. We bought the car that night and I have been using it as my daily driver ever since.

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[1] car_0001.jpg

Three-quarters driver-side front view.

[2] car_0002.jpg

Front grill and fascia. The original owner had the bumper serial number removed. :-(

[3] car_0003.jpg

Driver-side view. The color is Windveil Blue.

[4] car_0004.jpg

Three-quarters driver-side rear view.

[5] car_0005.jpg

Rear view.

[6] car_0006.jpg

Three-quarters passenger-side rear view.

[7] car_0007.jpg

Passenger-side view.

[8] car_0008.jpg

Three quarters passenger-side front view.

[9] car_0009.jpg

20" wheels and 14" slotted and vented disc brakes.

[10] car_0010.jpg

Leather covered back seats.

[11] car_0011.jpg

Leather front seats with the vented Saleen headrests.

[12] car_0012.jpg

View of the driver-side dash and center console.

[13] car_0013.jpg

Full instrumentation and adjustable gauge colors.

[14] car_0014.jpg

400hp supercharged 4.6 liter V8 with 2-phase intercooler.

[15] car_0015.jpg

Another view of the engine.

[16] car_0016.jpg

The manufacturer's plate in the engine compartment with the build date and serial number of the car.

[17] car_0017.jpg

The plate on the dash has the model number and also the serial number.

[18] car_0018.jpg

The obligatory "parked in my garage" picture.

[19] car_0019.jpg

Who says this is not an economy car. :-)

[20] car_0020.jpg

OMFGWTF!?!?!?! My first body panel dent. :-(

[21] car_0021.jpg

There is nothing like a freshly waxed car. Shiny!

[22] car_0022.jpg

Here are a couple of other specialty Mustangs I've run across … A Rouche Stage 3 Mustang.

[23] car_0023.jpg

I came up on this red Saleen while driving home one evening.

[24] car_0024.jpg

The next day, I saw this Shelby Cobra Mustang while riding to lunch.

[25] car_0025.jpg

I spotted this green Saleen Mustang on a sunny spring afternoon.

[26] car_0026.jpg

We stopped behind this Mustang GT while on vacation in New England.

[27] car_0027.jpg

This just isn't fair! :-(

[28] car_0028.jpg

While not as fast as a Saleen, my brother-in-law's smart fortwo draws its share of attention on the road.